About us

In the last century, my ancestors planted a small vineyard from Saperavi grapes in Kakheti, in the village of Tokhliauri. From here it all began and this is the true meaning of our family’s life. Since then, we have been closely associated with winemaking ...

It happened so that one year the grapes could not be harvested on time and the grapes dried in the vineyard. We decided to crush and squeeze these grapes. Squeezing of dried grapes gave an interesting result: we got a wine with a completely different taste and aroma. It was radically different from the usual “Saperavi in ​​Qvevri” in its structure, alcohol content and most importantly - taste. So the idea of ​​producing a new type of wine was born.

In 2004, we planted a large vineyard in the village of Tokhliauri and in 2016 the first wine was created under the brand name of “Dekanozishvili” which involves many years of experience in making wine from dried grapes. I hope our production will be duly appreciated by you which will take its place among the leaders.

George Dekanozishvili