Winemaking culture of Georgia is associated with the 8,000-year continuous history evidenced by many archaeological discoveries and historical facts. Many of the exhibits dating back to millennia are stored in museums of the country, which gives Georgia the status of “HOMELAND OF WINE”. Wine and winemaking are the integral parts of Georgian culture. Archaeologists have proved that winemaking originated in Georgia

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About us

In the last century, my ancestors planted a small vineyard from Saperavi grapes in Kakheti, in the village of Tokhliauri. From here it all began and this is the true meaning of our family’s life. Since then, we have been clo

RTVELI (Harvesting)

Harvesting in our vineyards begins in mid-September. Collection is made as in old days by manual power. First, Saperavi and Shavkapito grapes are harvested, then they are sorted to avoid them from damaged berries, and then spread on sheets for drying. Grapes lose 30-40% of their weight in one month of drying, and structural changes occur in grains. Then there is a seepage with Otskhanuri Sapere, and the squeezed juice of all

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